Lost Communities of Whatcom County

Troy Luginbill to Speak on By-Gone Communities Of Whatcom County

When: April 12, 2012

Where: Rotunda Room at Old City Hall

Time: 7:30

While wandering about any Western region you will sometimes come across an old lonely gas station, church or store that was seemingly built in the middle of nowhere. At one time however, that lonely building was somewhere.

Many early settlers started little communities that no longer exist. In this presentation you will be introduced to the more than two dozen little communities that have sprung up in central Whatcom County, and then disappeared to be remembered only as names on a map, or an abandoned building by the side of the road.

Troy Luginbill is the curator of the Lynden Pioneer Museum. Troy has been finding these little lonely places in Whatcom County that once had hopes and dreams of becoming a thriving metropolis. During his 17 years at the museum he has stumbled upon a number of small towns that sparked his imagination and mystery. Why? Because they no longer exist – little towns such as Balfour, Roeder, Limestone Junction, Buffalo Corners, or even Forest Grove (which is now Eastern Lynden!).

As he investigated further, these little towns began to come to life. They were not just simple dreams but actual communities, many with stores, churches, and downtowns! They were alive, vibrant communities that lasted for a few decades, and then disappeared.

Lost Communities is all about these unique communities that once flashed to life and then went quiet leaving only a building or road or mark upon a map.

Last Talk of the Season

This is the last talk of the 2011-2012 season. Look for us at the Bellingham Bay Rendezvous in April 28-29 and in the fall when the programs resume.


6 thoughts on “Lost Communities of Whatcom County

  1. I’m not sure I can make it to this talk, and I’ve been curious since I moved here in 2005 about whether or not there was a “town” at Central & Mission Rds. The map used in your blog header shows a dot and name as if it were a town, but I’ve never been able to find anythign in print about it.

    I live about a 1/2 mile from that intersection and would love to learn more about the history of the neighborhood.

  2. I actually consider this blog post , “Lost Communities of
    Whatcom County | Whatcomhistory’s Blog” naokomccracken , rather enjoyable not to mention it ended up being a fantastic read. Thanks a lot-Leanne

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