Traffic Jam on Bellingham Bay 1858

Talk: Thursday March 8

Time: 7:30

Where: Old City Hall

One of the Most Exciting of Times

The summer of 1858 on Bellingham Bay was one of the most exciting times as the population on the bay swelled to several thousand. The Frazer Gold Rush was on. Sometimes, rivals, the settlement of  Sehome was platted and sold lots at $200.00 a piece. Whatcom sought to get a dock out beyond its muddy flats.  Ships and steamers dropped miners off a couple of hundred at a time.  It was a wild time. The forests around the bay were so thick that “a cat barely had room to squeeze through.”

Maritime History on Bellingham Bay

Historian Janet Oakley has been researching the Ann Parry, the bark that brought the bricks for the T.G. Richards building (Whatcom Territorial Courthouse) for the past six years and has made some exciting discoveries from reading the Shipping Intelligence in the Daily Alta California, the leading newspaper in not only San Francisco, but the state. But nothing has been as exciting as the year of 1858 when our community was put on the map.

Come join us for the talk.


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