“Good Time Girls Present: Bellingham’s Historical Identity”

February’s Talk Will Be Fun

Come join us for a fun tour of our town’s early history with Marissa McGrath & Sara Holodnick.

When: Thursday, February 9th, 2012, 7:30 p.m.

Where: Whatcom Museum Rotunda Room • 121 Prospect St. • Free

What’s it about?

There is properly no history; only biography.” Ralph Waldo Emerson

The study of history helps us better understand how we came to be by exploring stories about, and written for, people. It is easiest to connect to this history when the reader/participant shares common ground with the people of the past. Bellingham’s unique history is rich with stories about the great people who built this city. And, yet, whole groups of people are still as they once were: Marginalized.

Join Marissa McGrath & Sara Holodnick—The Good Time Girls, for an exploration of Bellingham’s civic and historical identity. Their historical guided walking tours of Bellingham highlight overlooked groups—indigenous peoples, sex workers, immigrants and profiteers—to help educate,entertain and inspire tour goers by introducing them to relatable characters of Bellingham’s past. They aim to give voice and pay homage to everyone who had a part in building this great city, not just authoritative members of a privileged class. The Good Time Girls are the only business providing guided walking tours in old-timey Bellingham, Washington. Marissa & Sara will discuss how they make history accessible to tour-goers, the importance of highlighting our city’s well-rounded past, and the value of “edutainment”– informative entertainment–when discussing underrepresented and marginalized groups. For more information, visit their website at Good Time Girls

Come join us!


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