Don’t Miss This Talk:“A Fighter Pilot in Buchenwald”

Just in time for Veterans Days

A presentation by Joe Moser and Gerald Baron

Thursday, November 18th, 2010, 7:30 p.m.

Whatcom Museum Rotunda Room • 121 Prospect St. • Free

Joseph F. Moser, a World War II fighter pilot, has an amazing story to tell. He very narrowly survived bailing out of his P-38 with an engine on fire, only to be quickly caught by the

Germans and sent on the very last train out of Paris -just before the Allies entered. On the train were 167 other Allied flyers – all except Joe were held by the French Underground until they were betrayed and turned over to the Gestapo by a Nazi agent. They were sent to Buchenwald on orders from Berlin to be executed as “terrorfliegers.”

Rescued by Luftwaffe officers and Sent to Camp Know for The Great Escape

Four days before their scheduled extermination they were rescued by Luftwaffe officers and shipped, instead, to the most famous POW camp in Germany–Stalag Luft III. Joe was placed in the same barracks where, just five months before, Allied flyers tunneled out and temporarily escaped. The

famous movie “The Great Escape” tells that story. As the Allies approached, Joe and the others were sent on a death march,which he barely survived, while on his way to another camp.

Today, Joe is a spry, quiet, humble 88-year-old gentleman living with his wife Jean in Ferndale, Washington, his home town.

Don’t miss this amazing story of courage, faith and endurance. Details are now in the book A Fighter Pilot in Buchenwald, cowritten by

Bellingham author Gerald Baron. The book will be available for sale before and after Thursday’s presentation. Price per book is $20 including tax. Baron also helped set in motion the process that led to Moser, 88, receiving — decades overdue — the Distinguished Flying Cross

at a January 2009 ceremony at McChord Air Force Base. For more information see:


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