We’re Getting There!

We’re all pretty excited around here. The work on courthouse has progressed to the point that all the bricks are stabilized, there is a new roof on the building, and many parts of the interior are reaching completion.  But there is still work to do.

The back of the courthouse August 8, 2010

Help Us Match a $10,000 Donation

According to Rick Tremaine, restoration committee chair, the total project cost is estimated to be about $520,000.  He estimates that the project needs about $100,000 more in order to finish and pay for the work.

A donor has offered to match the next $10,000 in donations.  If you care about this important piece of local and Washington State history, please  consider a donation to this important project. Donations of any size would be appreciated, are tax deductible, and would be matched (up to the first $10,000). In addition, if you donate at least $50 to the project, we will put your name on one of the paver bricks to be installed at the side of the building leading to the back. If you donate at least $1,000, your name will be permanently placed on the building as a major donor.

Courthouse on E Street July 7,2010

To find out more, there is more information on the building available at the Historical Society’s website at whatcomhistory.net. Just click on Territorial County Courthouse Restoration in the upper right corner, then click on “details on the restoration project” on that page.

Send donations to:

Whatcom County Historical Society
P.O. Box 2116
Bellingham, WA 98227
Don’t Forget the Ann Parry
In additon, Steve Mayo, a well known local artist has done a painting of the ship Ann Parry in Bellingham Bay in 1858. The painting is historically very accurate and shows the brick for the building being unloaded. Steve has donated all of the prints to the Historical Society, so 

Ann Parry July 1858 unloading bricks

proceeds from all sales go to the project. Therefore, if you don’t want to donate, but want to buy a Steve Mayo print, this is another way to support the restoration. Lithographic prints are $175 plus sales tax and Giclee prints (limited to 40 copies) are $275 plus sales tax. The original is also available.

A recent trip to Salem, MA this summer produced more information on her life as whaler in the 1840s.

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