Territorial Courthouse Gets Spruced Up

Things are starting to really happen at the old Whatcom Territorial Courthouse on E Street.  After years of work on the outside, the ditching and  brickwork are done and lower level open for the public to see the original placement of the building on what was the beach in Old Whatcom.

Floors and Plumbing

On the upper level, where court was once held, the old maple floor was removed.  It took four volunteers, including Rick Tremaine, Glenn Eastwood and Rick Kiene, about 6 hours to take up all the flooring and expose the fir boards beneath.  The excess was hauled away a few days later. The downstairs floor was fired up from the cement to allow for the fir flooring to be layed.

Upstairs and downstairs, the walls have been framed. New plumbing and lighting will provide an atmosphere of comfort the building hasn’t seen in years.  The building is now nearly 152 years old, the oldest brick building in the state. Its restoration is an important effort to promote our area’s history and preserve a special time in it.


On the outside, plans are for a brick pathway on the Holly Street side of the building 60 feet long by 4 feet wide. Interested people can purchase a brick for $50.00 from the Whatcom Historical Society. All monies go for the restoration.

Tune in for more updates on the building’s progress.


4 thoughts on “Territorial Courthouse Gets Spruced Up

  1. Would your group be interested in having our Bellingham tour on August 14 stop by to see your great work? Will will be in your area of downtown in the morning.

    Our Historic Everett group is teaming up with the Whatcom Museum for a bus trip and walking tour all day as part of our “Out of Town Series”.

    It is open also for heritage members and public. See info at http://www.historiceverett.org/BellinghamTour.html

    For more info call me to coordinate, David Chrisman at 425-530-2722

    • so sorry not to see this earlier. Actually, at this point, the public can’t get in. Do let me know if you want to do it again. I’m a friend of Margaret Riddle.

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