History of the Bellingham Theatre Guild

Monta Wagar to Talk at Whatcom Museum on the History of the Bellingham Theatre Guild.

One of the community gems in our area is the Bellingham Theatre Guild. Founded just 20 days before the terrifying stock market crash of  the Great Depression in 1929,  organizers met in the home in Millie O. Trezise. In its first season, one-act plays were presented during routine business meetings; usually two presentations of the same play with a different cast each time. The first two public productions that year, The Show-Off and Duley were followed by presentations of The Butter and Egg Man and My Son.

On February 11, 2010 the at 7:30, Manta Wagar, long-time member and historian of the guild will present a program on the history of the guild. Come join the Whatcom County Historical Society at the Whatcom Museum Rotunda Room for a lively presentation with memorabilia and photos commemorating performances by by hundreds of local thespians, including Hilary Swank. .


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