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The Whatcom County Historical Society has gone on-line! After years of presenting outstanding programs on local history and publishing journals and books on a wide range of topics, the society is growing in new directions. In addition to taking on the preservation of the T.G. Richards building, known as the Whatcom Territorial Courthouse (the oldest brick building in the state of Washington), the society is seeking new ways to reach out to our local  audience.

For the past couple of months, we have been on Twitter, receiving tweets from historical groups from around the country as well local Bellingham business. How cool to get a tweet from the Lady Washington! She’s now in Bellingham Bay getting ready to do battle with the Hawaiian Chief.

We are in the process of updating our website to make it more accessible to the public and now this blog.  In the next couple of weeks we should be able to announce where our talks will be presented. They start in the fall. Same time, new place.

So come around and check us out from time to time.

Next on our plate is OLD TOWN DAYS in front of the old courthouse August 29, 11:00 to 5:00. There will be historic walk tours by Richard Vanderway, hands-on activities, music, 1858-1865 reenactors, and maritime activities by the Whatcom Maritime Association and  and Homeport.  The longboat Plume will there for the public to enjoy.


4 thoughts on “Something to talk about

  1. Hello,
    I’m looking for some history on this item found in an
    old Barn on W Smith Rd. Family said the barn had been a chicken house several owners ago. Was displayed on a
    post up high.

    Old outdoor thermometer. Info on front
    reads: Birchwood Hatchery Inc, Producer of KimberChiks

    Located at Bellingham, Spokane, Chehalis, Wash
    Gladstone Oregon

    Any hatchery info you can pass on would be greatly appreciated. I would like the story to pass along with the thermometer.
    Thank you for your time.
    Diane Hagen

    • Hi Diane, just saw this comment. You might first check in with the Lynden Pioneer Museum. There were quite a number of chicken/egg farms in Whatcom county, many out in the Lynden area. They might have records there for starters. I don’t know if the Portrait of Lynden, a book out in soft cover some time ago, would info on such farms. Or check with Jeff Jewell at Whatcom Museum as I think of Bellingham when I think of Birchwood. Let me know how it goes. A final place to check could be WSU Entension there in town (B’ham) They might have some ideas.

  2. my great grandparents george doane lived in bellingham in the early 1900’s his son was killed by a shark nearbye. I want to visit the town. Is there a way to find the address where they may have lived. all my aged relatives are gone. thanks

    • Best place to look is in the Polk Directories from the 1900s. After 1903, Bellingham is Bellingham. Prior to take there is Fairhaven and New Whatcom. Try online first. I’m told that that might be possible now. Or the archives at the Whatcom Museum on Prospect Street in Bham. Also the state archives near WWU.

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